Tax Deductions for Volunteers

USA Track & Field is a charitable organization under Internal Revenue Code section 501(c)(3) and, as such, contributions to USATF may be tax deductible to the contributor. In addition, there may be tax benefits for those who volunteer their time to USATF events and programs.

Volunteers cannot deduct the value of time spent volunteering or the value of services provided to a charitable organization; however, certain out-of-pocket expenses directly related to volunteer service may be deductible. Expenses that may be deductible include transportation costs (for current mileage deduction rates, visit the IRS website), unreimbursed supplies and other expenses. Certain expenses, such as childcare costs incurred while volunteering and travel that has a significant element of pleasure or recreation, are not deductible.

Tax deductions are only available if a volunteer "itemizes" his or her taxes and may be subject to limits or exclusions. Please review the IRS Publication on Charitable Contributions (PDF) or contact your tax advisor for more information.

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